Sauropod studio is young and dynamic studio where anyone with motivation and a positive attitude may have an impact on the projects we create. We are searching for creative and passionate people to help us create unique and innovative games.


The visual effects (VFX) artist builds, in pair with the art direction and the development team, the visual signature of the project Sauropod Studio is currently working on. The VFX artist is equally confortable with animation, modeling and technical skills such as shaders and animation state-machines. The VFX artist knows the ins & outs of the engine they work with in order to obtain the maximum visual quality within the allocated performance budget. The VFX artist must appropriates the VFX production pipeline of Sauropod Studio, and enhances it. Finally, the ideal VFX artist feels comfortable in a team dynamic and wants to push back the limits of real-time visual effect techniques.


  • Creating content with Unity's built-in tools: Particle Effects, shaders, materials, animation controllers & lights.

  • Research and development of innovative visual effects techniques.

  • Elaborating with the art direction a unique visual signature.

  • Managing, maintaining & integrating content in versioned asset repositories.


Applications which do not conform to these criteria will not be considered

  • A minimum of 1 to 2 years of professional experience, either in an established studio or in an indie team.

  • Deep knowledge of Unity3d (particle systems, Mecanim, shaders, etc).

  • Comfort with 3d software suites such as 3d Studio Max or equivalent (Maya, Blender, etc).

  • Knowledge of 2d illustration software such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

  • A portfolio demonstrating these qualifications.


The following criteria are optional but will greatly help your application.

  • Other technical artistic abilities (animation, modeling, etc).

  • Traditional artistic abilities (illustration, graphic design).

  • Programming & scripting abilities (C#, Javascript, Lua or any other relevant language).

  • Experience shipping an independent game.

  • Knowledge using versioning software (Git, Perforce, SVN)

  • Comfort with the Windows OS

  • Practical and theoretical knowledge in Game Design and/or UX